1. Establishment of a Startup Center

Goal: To increase the level of innovation in the Lubusz region. Start-up companies can be created in any field or industry, but they are most often associated with new technologies. The characteristic features of a startup company typically include:

  • Low start-up costs
  • The initial version of the business idea usually arises within a small group of people with skills related to programming and graphic design, creating a mock-up and a prototype version of the startup
  • Higher risk compared to standard ventures
  • Uncertainty during the creation of a startup about whether the product will be accepted in the market

2. R&D Center for Local Government Units (LGUs) and NGOs


  1. To create an effective system for obtaining external funds, primarily European, beyond cohesion policy
  2. Professionalization and optimization of management processes in LGUs and NGOs
  • Statistical and financial analysis of growth areas and problem areas in local government units, including the assessment of individual functioning areas of LGUs and NGOs along with developing recommendations for action
  • Creating and implementing an effective communication system, subject to constant evaluation, between the office and residents, entrepreneurs, NGOs, other LGUs, organizational units at the county and voivodeship level, state administration, and contractors and service providers
  • Developing and monitoring the implementation of strategic documents for LGUs/NGOs and their organizational units
  • Surveying the opinions of residents and administrative staff of individual LGUs and NGOs
  • Legal-financial security and cybersecurity in LGUs and NGOs
  • Enhancing qualifications and education of staff and opinion leaders

Digitization of processes and workplaces in the organization, including:

  • Inventory of workplaces and processes for optimal use of digital technology
  • Application of software programs to streamline administrative processes and procedures
  • Introduction of modern communication applications with units and entities within the LGU and NGO environment
  • Creation of an electronic platform for exchanging information between LGUs and NGOs concerning legal regulations, best practices in applied solutions within individual functioning areas of LGUs and NGOs, and solving emerging problems

3. Networking the Innovation Ecosystem

Goal: Creating a network of collaboration among entities from various areas of activity, as well as innovative products and services.

4. Lubusz Talent for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Goal: Creating research teams in the Lubusz region.

  1. Support aimed at attracting the best early-career researchers from around the world (including those of Polish origin from abroad) to work in Polish research organizations, and providing an opportunity for young PhDs in the country to establish a research team, achieve scientific independence, and develop international scientific collaboration or establish cooperation with business entities operating in Poland. The program will also contribute to increasing the competitiveness of Polish applications submitted to ERC Starting Grant or Consolidator Grant competitions (in Horizon Europe).

  2. Support for collaboration among the best research teams in selected strategic areas, i.e., consortia that will conduct scientific activities in the fields of Health, Environment, and Industry 4.0, defined as areas of strategic economic importance and distinguished by outstanding scientific potential in Poland. The consortia are focused on R&D work and the effective transfer of knowledge and technology (in the form of licenses, spin-off creation, or intellectual property sales). The support aims to develop innovative technologies, services, or products created in collaboration between teams operating in different organizations in Poland and their effective transfer to the economy.

5. Accreditation of the Company as a National and Regional Innovation Center

The accreditation system is planned to be launched by the Ministry of Development and Technology to effectively utilize the potential of Innovation Centers providing pro-innovation services for entrepreneurs. An accredited Innovation Center can be a provider of paid pro-innovation services for entrepreneurs applying for funding under the sub-measure concerning pro-innovation IOB services for SMEs in the FENG program implemented by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.